Friday, December 15, 2006

10 useless things and more about us:

  1. We knit!
  2. We are all grad school students
  3. We all majored in English Language and Culture in undergrad
  4. Two of us own a cat.. one of us owns a dog
  5. We like drinking tea.. but one of us has a very weak spot for hot chocolate
  6. Two of us studied abroad in the same country, in the same year.. but never met up!
  7. We are also members of the same student drama group
  8. We are also members of the same student creative writing group
  9. We see each other way to much :)
  10. In the (near) future we plan to move to the UK to live either in a cottage, a castle, or under a bridge.. depending on taste, financial position.. and possible wishes of significant others
The Yarn Owl as a name for our blog was chosen only after a long evening of passionate debate. We first opted the name Itty Bitty Knitters, but that just didn't feel right. It sounded too invented or something. The Yarn Owl wasn't immediately our favourite, but there are three very good reasons why we named our blog The Yarn Owl... 1.) it's a word pun - and for language and literature students that's always funny.. 2.) yarn clearly defines what this blog is about.. 3.) the name has a mythological link to crafts: the owl a pet of Athena who happens to be the goddess of wisdom, weaving and crafts