Sunday, January 28, 2007

Elementary :)

Deary me! I have been knitting all day again! Thank heavens I have something useful to do while I sit on the couch all day, trying to recover from my sudden flu attack :S My Fair Isle Baby Hat is finished and looks absolutely adorable (if I may say so), and I like the Fair Isle-ing so much that I have decided to try the same I pattern I used for the hat on the scarf :)

And...I'm planning another project: a knitting bag! I need a nice bag to put all my needles and yarn in, and preferably a bag I have knitted myself... Also, I want to try and make my own patterns, so the knitting bag would be a great opportunity to try that... I am going to use acrylic yarn for the bag, as it is MUCH cheaper and I'm going to need a lot of it... you can see in the picture: I'm going to do a Holmesy pattern! (I love Sherlock Holmes. I really do.) I made a sort of grid, then placed a sort of vague Holmes silhouette over it and then put little dots in the squares so I got a pattern... (I may seem like a terrible amateur, but then again...I am.) If you squint at the picture, you can really see what it'll look like :) Anyway, I'm probably going to get yarn for that this week! But first, the scarf needs finishing :D


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