Wednesday, January 31, 2007

First Finished Object of 2007: Korknisse

My first finished object of 2007 is this small, cute and adorable Korknisse. I was spying on Saartje's website and found this easy pattern here. I made this little man.. whom I've christened Harris - he is wearing some sort of tweed -.. in less than an hour last night. It was so easy! Anyone who knows how to knit with DPN's can make this :)
My plan is to make one every week, in all kinds of different colours, as Christmas tree decorations like Elliphantom. I think it would look super cute, all those little men hanging in a Christmas tree...


Molly said...

*squee!* Awww SO cute! I'm definately going to make one today! It's such a cool plan to make lots of them as Christmas tree decorations! I might do that too...they would make great gfts for next Christmas :D

Gracie said...

thank you dear!!