Friday, December 22, 2006

I love bamboo.

Hurrah! My dear dear computer is working again, so I can finally see our lovely blog. I do like the owl (is that Hedwig?).
In other good news: after finishing my exam I spent a very productive evening yesterday, knitting. I'm officially in love with the new bamboo knitting needles, I may make a shrine to sacrifice small animals to it :) When I get to my parents house tomorrow I'll try and nick their digital camera so that I can show you my progress: my scarf is now about as long as my upper arm. I actually got so carried away that I decided that I needed more yarn and went back to the store today to get more of the Soft Tweed.
ps. I'm getting really curious about my birthday present...

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The Yarn Owl said...

Will you put up some pictures soon.. we look forward to see your work!