Monday, January 15, 2007

I'm on a roll!

Wow, I bought the yarn and needles for my hat only three days ago, and it's already finished! I finished it yesterday, and I was SO surprised at how easy it was to knit with five needles and the decreasing of the stitches also went very well... Yay! I'm very happy with it, and tomorrow afternoon I'll actually be able to wear it, because then my hair will be short and I won't have a lump on the back of my head anymore (the bun I always wear my hair in).

Also: a picture of my scarf! It's not actually that colour, but it came out that way because of the flash, and when we didn't use the flash, the lamplight made it look slightly orange :S So I guess we'll have to take a picture outdoors to catch the real colour, and we'll take pictures of the whole outfit: scarf, hat and...MP3 cosy!

Yes, that's right... I'm making an MP3 cosy with the leftover yarn from the hat! I got the idea from Licketyknit, and it was easy to make, except for...the buttonhole. Yarrrgh! I definately have to practice knitting buttonholes...I had never tried before, and it ended up as a complete mess. Now I'm just going to attach a little loop to the flap that closes it and use that as a buttonhole :D (Never despair, my friends...)

Anyway, I'm finishing the cosy tonight and I'll get Gracie to take pictures of my wonderful, new and incredibly red outfit :P


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The Yarn Owl said...

What do you mean you are done with the hat... I think you should be disqualified for asking the faeries to help you... :(
I'm proud of ya.. and can't wait to see you wear that outfit!!