Saturday, January 06, 2007

Knitty Secret Pal

Shame shame, what a shame.. I've joined the Knitty-boards, but can't join in the fun until I have a 100 posts on my name, which basically means, I'll have to wait another round.. at least to the end of the current one which end in April.. :( How sad is that?!
To make us, because Pippa and Molly are in the same fix, feel a little better about this sadness, we decided to fill out the funny questionnaire anyway.. And that was great fun indeed... it took us until far past mid-night, and we're still modifying the answers. It might be fun to post them on our blog :) We actually enjoyed filling out the questionnaire so much that we Molly is making us another questionnaire.. just for fun. We're all looking forward to it very much!!
We are looking forward to join in the next Knitty SP, but there's one thing we three are a bit concerned about, and that is the minimum of 50 dollars... Though it's spread over three months, we students have a tight budget, and 50 dollars would be our maximum rather than our minimum., especially since we live overseas, so we have shipping costs to think of as well, on the other hand you get something in return, so it's as if we'd be yarn-shopping for ourselves, but then send the goods somewhere around the globe :) Ow.. I really can't wait until the next Knitty SP!
- Gracie -


Molly said...

Heya Gracie,
I've become addicted to these questionnaire thingies, as you are well aware of right now... I don't seem to be able to stop filling things in... Let's hope Pippa makes us a new list soon :P


Penny Karma said...

Hi! I popped by from Knitty to welcome you!

You might want to join the next round of what we affectionately call CASP (CheapAss Secret Pals) for those of us on tight budgets! There are many of us. :)

It's really fun and you can learn about it on the SP/RAK chat section of the message board. Personally, I love it.

I don't know if the post minimum is different but the next round hasn't been announced yet and you should have plenty of time to get your post count up. Best of all, there's no spending minimum! It requires a lot more creativity than it does spending.

Anyway, just something for you to consider!

- Penny