Wednesday, December 27, 2006

New Project... New Features... New Years

Huzzah.. Pippa, I finished your gift! :) When I see you next you will be the (hopefully) happy owner of a .... .
As you all can see, I have changed (once more) the layout of this blog, and not without reason. I really believe the flowery background image made it all look rather fuzzy, and that's probably not what we want. A clean blog is easier to read.
Another, if I may say so, interesting very classy addition to the blog are our progress bars! I had seen them on other knitting blogs, and found a very helpful site which worked perfectly for our blog.
I'm about to begin a new project. It's not the project for which I bought the Rowan yarn, but another gift actually. My yarn basket contains a few balls of Lana Grossa New Kid Nr. 35, and I've finally found a good reason to use them. A very good friend of mine has been through a tough time this past semester, and I think she could use a cheer up gift. So, my plan is to knit her a lace scarf with the above mentioned yarn. I'm still looking for a nice pattern that would go well with yarn and friend, and that is not too hard for me to figure out.
After this new project I will, I have promised myself, undertake the challange of knitting myself a cardigan... whoa!

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