Friday, January 12, 2007

A new challenge!

Well, as I'm the only dog-owning knitting person on this blog (Pippa and Gracie are both cat-owners), I have to defend my faith by posting a picture of my dog here, who is completely insane, by the way.

So this is my dog (well, mainly his nose). He is a Drentsche Patrijshond (better known in English as Dutch Patridge Dog), almost two years old, and his name is Willem. He loves sniffing and licking my balls of yarn when I'm knitting, and what he even loves more is steal the yarn when you're not looking (or when you are looking). So in case anyone thought only cats did that sort of thing: nope. Dogs, or at least mine, love it just as much as their feline colleagues do. Yup, my dog chases pretty much every single thing that moves, and every single thing that doesn't. (His motto seems to be: If it doesn't move, I will move it myself!)

Anyway, today all of us Yarn Owl Bloggers went to our favourite yarn shop again to get new stuff for new projects. I bought circular needles, a set of double-pointed needles (all bamboo), and two more balls of deep red alpaca yarn to knit a nice hat to go with my scarf! Gracie and Pippa also bought new stuff, and Gracie took pictures of everything, including a few finished things! Yay!


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