Thursday, January 25, 2007

New Stuff!

I have just been to the yarn shop and bought stuff for my new projects. My cousin is having a baby next month, so I've been planning to knit a baby hat and scarf as a present. I am going to make them now, but I want the baby to be able to wear them next autumn/winter, as I don't know whether the weather is going to be as cold as this in a month from now...and if it isn't, the baby won't be able to wear his presents. I bought three balls of Rowan Pure Wool DK: one ball of Glacier (005) and two balls of Marine (008). I also bought new circular needles and DPNs (both 4mm). The hat is going to be a variation on the Madison pattern I used for my own hat. For my own hat, I left out the Fair Isle bit, but I'm going to give that a try now. As the baby hat is for a boy, I'm not going to make it with the curly brim my own hat has, but with a less girly, folded brim. I'm not going to use Fair Isle on the scarf, because I'm not experienced enough to do woven Fair Isle (and the stranded Fair Isle I'm going to use on the hat will not work for the scarf). So for the scarf, I think I'm going for broad, horizontal stripes. Let's get started!

Molly :)

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Gracie said...

Good stuff! And nice to read your pos while I'm away.. Do you think this whole blogthing will keep working when I live abroad?? I have a strong feeling it will! Oh, and.. sorry to be sceptical.. but what if the baby is allergic to wool..